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1) Bitz and Pieces operates 49 weeks of the year. That means for up to 3 weeks of the year (which may or may not be taken consecutively) there will be no new prep emailed to you. There is no money back for this period and subscribers still have to pay the same amount in any month that has one (or both) of these weeks.

2) Bitz and Pieces does not operate on UK Bank Holidays or Christmas week.

3) The prep is usually emailed out by 5.30 am Monday to Friday (UK time)

4) Subscription fees are priced according to the broadcast area (TSA/MCA etc) on the Ofcom (or relevant authority outside the UK) licence/radio station our material is used on. If the subscriber changes radio station to one with a larger broadcast area, or the subscribing radio station/show increases its broadcast area, then we reserve the right to increase the subscription fee accordingly without notice.

5) You must not send or supply our material to anyone else (e.g. supply anyone else with your username/password for the website/app). As a subscriber, you are "licensed" to use our material at the station (or stations) you have named. If you supply other stations or presenters with our show prep material you will be liable to pay the relevant subscription rate for THEM also (also see clause 16). We welcome recommendations to other presenters and often give a FREE month's subscription to subscribers who introduce a friend to Bitz and Pieces. However, please let us arrange free samples, just contact us with their details.

6) You must give at least one month's notice when cancelling your subscription. This will only be accepted online at An e-mailed acknowledgement will then be sent to you. Murf Media will then alter your Direct Debit, Credit/Debit Card regular payment (or invoice) accordingly. Your next payment/invoice for the following full month after your cancellation date (the date we receive your online cancellation) will be your last. Group, market, station or multiple station subscriptions, or use on radio stations with a TSA (Total Surveyed Area) of over 1 million potential listeners,  are subject to a 3 months cancellation period after the initial 12 month period. Once cancelled you may not use our material on-air from current or previous editions of our show prep.

7) Whilst subscribing to Bitz and Pieces it is taken that you are using the material supplied, and agree to all subscription Terms and Conditions - which may be changed from time-to-time. No refunds on paid amounts are given once you have taken out a subscription online/via email. It is your responsibility to regularly check this page for any amended or new Terms and Conditions.

8) We reserve the right to cancel any subscription at any time. We will refund any amounts remaining on your account providing you have not breached any of our Terms and Conditions.

9) Murf Media does not accept responsibility for any mistakes or errors, nor any legal proceedings that may arise from using the material on-air, this is entirely at the discretion of the subscriber.

10) Murf Media reserves the right to change the terms of the Bitz and Pieces service at any time, and alter or reduce content.

11) Bitz and Pieces is copyrighted by Murf Media. We will take legal action against anyone using our prep without permission (in print or in verbal-form) or re-selling the information.

12) Bitz and Pieces can only be used on radio. Television rights are available on request.

13) Some areas of the U.K. and World may be protected under MARKET EXCLUSIVE rights by one particular radio station. You are not allowed to use some of our material inside this area. We regularly inform subscribers where these locations are, please see the MARKET EXCLUSIVE note at the end of this notice as to which areas are presently protected. This service is at a premium, details and prices available on request. A longer cancel notice period is required.

14) Murf Media does not accept any responsibility for any mistakes or errors, nor any legal proceedings that may arise from using Bitz and Pieces or the COMEDY AUDIO material/audio on-air, this is entirely at the discretion of the presenter.

15) Subscribers of COMEDY AUDIO acknowledge that their subscription is a 'service'. Subscribers are responsible for their own PRS filing.

16) Any radio stations found using our material, or receiving without our permission (e.g. by email), will be charged a minimum sum of 100 GBP (one hundred pounds) for each month used/received without permission. If a radio station is receiving our material without a valid subscription it is deemed that material is being used on-air and thus breaking our copyright.

17) If given a password for any section of the site we ask you not to give this to anyone else. Subscribers who have passed on password details will be liable to pay the equivalent subscription rate for THEM also. Through IP addresses we are able to check exactly who the prep has been downloaded by and how many times.

18) Murf Media services are via periodic (e.g. monthly/annual) recurring subscription payments (you are entering into a recurring authorization) - with payments normally taken monthly/annually by Direct Debit/Credit Card/Debit Card, unless you have cancelled the subscription with the required notice period. By subscribing you are agreeing for Murf Media to retain your debit/credit card details for the recurring subscription payment or back-up payment method. For late or declined payments we reserve the right to charge administration fees and suspend your subscription with the required notice period also being billed to you. Missed, declined or late payments will be taken by Direct Debit (or your back up payment method, e.g. credit/debit card) as and when funds on your card allow. The monthly fees quoted on the site are for Direct Debit payments - therefore subscribers who have not returned their Direct Debit forms to Murf Media after 3 weeks of subscribing may be charged a further fee for taking regular payments by credit/debit card instead. Stations being invoiced on a monthly basis - payment terms are 30 days net. We reserve the right to suspend your subscription due to non-payment - monthly subscription payments will still be accrued, and this/these payment/s will also be payable until you cancel your subscription.

19) E-mail and website postings in the Subscribers Only section of the website are deemed acceptable forms of communication between Murf Media and the subscriber.

20) You are not permitted to set up email-forwarding on your email address used for your show prep account.



All times quoted are U.K. times.

I understand there is a one-month/three-month cancellation notice and that all payments will be due until this time.

If you pay by Direct Debit please DO NOT cancel your mandate with your bank. Murf Media will action this for you to include the relevant final monthly payment. Cancelling your Direct Debit before your show prep service has finished may incur bank/admin charges. Thanks you for your custom - if at any time during the next month you wish to continue with the show prep then please let us know as soon as possible. After you click 'submit' you will be directed to a page with your cancellation reference number on it. Please make a note of this and quote it in any correspondence. You will also be sent a receipt of the cancellation by e-mail.


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